To keep your garage safe and secure, you keep the door closed, store away any valuables, and try to keep the garage door locked. But there are a few more things that you can do to keep your garage safe from break-ins, and safe for your family. Here are a few tips:

Keep your garage door opener in the house

For convenience sake, most people like to keep their garage door opener in their car, however, this makes it much easier for a potential burglar.

Make it a habit of bringing your garage door opener into your home with you. You can attach your garage door opener to a keychain so it’s easier to remember. If you do decide to leave in your car, try putting away somewhere out of site, and remember to lock your car.

Install an alarm

If you keep valuable equipment in your home garage or have a workshop where you keep valuable items, installing an alarm system for your garage is a good idea. Contact a local alarm security company and speak to them about your needs to keep your garage secure from break-ins.

Install motion sensing lights

Having a well-lit area outside your garage will help keep unwanted visitors out of your garage. A simple motion detector light outside your garage is sometimes enough to keep burglars or even animals away from your home and garage. Plus, if you happen to notice the light go on, you have more of a chance to see someone and hit your car alarm while you are inside your home.

Use durable materials

If your garage door is starting to break down, consider installing a new, durable garage door for your home or commercial building. A new solid garage door will be durable and less likely to be broken into. Plus, new garage doors are safer for your family than one that has safety issues.

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Proper Storage

This is more of a safety issue than a security issue, but installing proper storage in your garage keeps your items safe from breakage, and also keeps the garage clean and tidy for your family to walk into and not have an accident.

If your garage has items strewn all over, your family members could slip and fall. This is particularly worrisome with small children and older adults. Use shelving and sturdy storage bins to help keep your garage items in their proper place.

Do you have any more tips for how you keep your garage safe and secure? Comment below with more tips.