Did you know you should protect your garage this winter?

Garages tend to not get the same attention as the rest of the home, and there can be large amounts of warm air escape through an unprotected garage, which means larger utility bills for homeowners.

Many homeowners store machinery in the garage and if your garage is not protected, items may get damaged. Here are some tips to help:


Installing insulation in the walls is the first step to keeping the cold out of the garage. There are a variety of options to choose from, from fibreglass batt insulation, reflective barriers and foam board insulation.

Not all garage doors are suitable for adding insulation; consider garage doors that include insulation built in.


Once you have the garage insulated, sealing small cracks with help keep out any unwanted cold air leaks. If there are any windows, make sure that it shuts tight and seal if needed.

At the bottom of the garage door, there is weather-stripping that can get cracked and hard from moisture and salt.When this happens and the garage door closes, it doesn’t close properly and allows warm air to escape. Before sealing the garage door, scrape off damaged weather-stripping.


There are garage heaters available and you can often purchase from a local home improvement store or even heating contractor. These garage heaters can provide enough heat to keep a garage warm if you have a shop and will be spending some time inside.

Depending on your location, keeping your garage protected from the winter cold can be more difficult, especially having a garage in Sudbury or Northern Ontario. Using these tips can help keep your garage safe in winter and protect the items inside of it.

For more information on protecting your garage this winter, please feel free to contact us and speak with a garage door specialist in Sudbury today.